img1 The electric vehicles we develop at Softcar build on the story of the SwatchMobil originally developed by the Swatch Group, in collaboration with Volkswagen and Mercedes back in 1995.
img2 Building on the original SwatchMobil concept, several Softcar engineers have been directly involved in the development, manufacturing and commercialisation of CREE back in the early 2000s. These vehicles are still running today in many countries and varied climate around the world.
img3 In 2011, we produced the first biopolymer car for the oil major Total. Five prototypes have been delivered to Total, who have presented in many motor show around the world.
img5 In 2014, the Aventor racing car has been produced by our sister company AVENTOR Ltd. Rolf Biland, seven times world champion of side car, has been driving the Aventor during first "Swiss Energy Grand Prix" in July 2015.
Aventor website
img4 The Softcar will be produced in 2018. It will integrate all the advanced technologies that we have developed since 1995 to make it the lightest, cleanest and lowest 4-seater city car ever manufactured, while offering unprecedented driving feeling and fun design.