img1 Our cars are evolutions to SWATCH project, SWATCH VOLKSWAGEN, SWATCH MERCEDES, MCC smart. We develop pure electrical cars.
img2 Out of Smart, we have start from scrap again. 500 kG produced in Bienne, Switzerland in 2001 and sold worldwide (one is in Palo Alto).
img3 First car ever in Bio Polymers that we designed for The Total Group!!!
img4 We started from zero again. The SOFTCAR, first “cradle to cradle” EV. Will be produced in Switzerland and China in 2017. Ultralight CITY CAR, 400 kg, Bio Polymer architecture Designed for mass production. We try to reduce ecological footprint in production, use, and after use. This is the real Swatch mobile done some years and technology after. Softcar will be produced in factories close to megalopolis.
img5 Rolf Biland (seven times world champion) rides Aventor during first "Swiss Energy Grand Prix" last July
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Le projet SOFTCAR EST CONFIDENTIEL. Pour tous renseignements contacter +41327517141

SOFTCAR IS A CONFIDENTIAL project. For information, please contact +41327517141

Die SOFTCAR SIND VERTRAULICH Projekt. Für weitere Informationen danke Ihnen, um +41327517141 kontaktieren